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Abstract Classics Inspirational



Abstract Classics Inspirational

A Common De JA Vu

A Common De JA Vu

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                        Same experience

Last year Manish made a jungle trip. He was on leave from his office. On the whole that journey went all right. But a sense of synchronicity put him in constant seeking. That picturesque view of waterfall he was watching, made him feel as if he enjoyed the scene earlier. The sense of admiration and leisure is already known to him. Not only that, the night trek he made, the slightest fearful feel while walking through jungle was appearing to him to be already known. As if he multiple times had it in his life. But his memory couldn't recall any such experiences earlier in his life. The tribal dance was arranged by the jungle authority again put Manish into such kind of familiar experience. Although he was now very much well adapted with that recurring feeling hovering over his brain. He could feel that already known synchronous happening in many aspects of his life, somewhere while talking to a shopkeeper or to seeing a child playing or a man shouting loudly or a brahmin chanting some mantras and many more.


                        A friend's opinion

It was Saturday. His finished office work put him into a sense of solitude. He happened to meet with one of his friend, Kunal. Kunal was a psychologist in profession. They were thrown into their casual friendly conversation. Manish told Kunal about his already known feelings.

"Don't worry my friend!"

"It's quite natural. It happens to almost everybody."

"It's our brain's false memory or sometimes stimulated hallucinations. Nothing more than that."

"You just focus on your work. And to be more specific it literally termed as 'De ja vu', which is absolutely normal."

"If you feel insomniac or something serious, then I myself will suggest you some medicine."

"Now play some cards!"



                         Academic enquiry

Manish was of very much inquisitive nature, to be more he was a effective reader. He liked to delve deep into some his problems from his childhood. Now, he went through some of published journals and research papers on this so called 'de ja vu'. It's a French word, which means something already seen or known. But everywhere their views almost went parallel with his psychologist friend Kunal. In most articles they established it as a brain anomaly or activation of some hidden portion of brain etc. Somwhere few just played with a paranormal card. No he was not satisfied with their answers. He just couldn't find its source or a satisfactory answer.


                    Answer from a Spiritual Guru

He was almost exhausted with his search work. He put on his shirt and went outside for some stroll. He returned after half an hour. He finished his supper. He opened his office files. Within his files he found a nicely packaged book, gifted by one of his office colleagues. He unpacked the cover and found a small book on spirituality, written by some of Himalayan yogi, named Swami Yogeswarananda. He started reading. Within 10 minutes he glanced through the entire book. Although he didn't properly read it. Now he was glancing through the last chapter "Questions and Answers". The word 'De ja vu' grabbed his attention. Some of that yogi's disciple having some kind of already known experiences as if same things just replaying in their mind and they just want its answer from that yogi. He read loudly-

What problems you are telling are not itself any problems. Nor it is any kind of brain disorder. Actually modern day theorists just termed it as 'deja vu' and constantly engaging in a rush to establish some kind of medical theory or things like that. Understand you are a soul and you have multiple births left behind. In every birth your soul just takes a new body that's it. If you are a sadhak, then you will believe in punarjanma or rebirth. Now, each of us having certain energy centers in our body. From our previous birth we actually registered with certain experiences stored permanently in our energy centers. So, after a new birth, everybody is born with those energy centers in their body. The past birth incidents or characters may not be there. But whenever you go through certain experiences your energy centers and its associated experiences just triggered from your soul within. That's the cause a complete replaying like happening is felt by you. Unknowingly you sense that feeling whether some fear or pleasure or normal conversation or anything as if you have experienced it earlier. Its source is from your soul, which got accumulated by your certain births. Now, don't worry God actually wants to awaken you through these messages. You just need to be aware!

Manish was awestruck. What! as if he found that quite convincing. Yeah! he heard from his grandmother about Bhagwadgita's teachings. He could recall some of the eighties TV serials, where Sri Krishna was saying to Arjuna about his multiple previous births which he can see but Arjuna can't. He understood that he needed to look deep within to know himself. He needs to delve deep into his soul to know the real 'De Ja Vu'!!!!

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