The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW


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Drama Classics Others



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"Somebody had really seen him!" blurted out the old servant of the house. 

Vikash Roy, the senior most member of the house looked with utter disbelief. He said "No it can't be. He is already dead."

Neeta, the wife of Vikash sobbed covering her face with hands. She almost left the meaning of her life, as her only son was reported to be missing for many years. But behind the whole tapestry of the events, there was a prophecy. Sekhar, the son of Vikash & Neeta was born in 1994. Then both of them called their family astrologer, Niloy Chakrabarti. He was an old traditional astrologer, who was well versed in traditional jyotish shastra. He was not commercial like modern day astrologers. He had learnt the science of astrology from his forefathers. Although it was known that his lineage was from very old traditional hindu jyotishkars, who used to make the kundali and kosthi for the great maharajas of ancient India. It was known that many rajas also used their jyotish calculation to demarcate their enemy's footsteps.

But in the course of time many of their legacies lost due to the British intervention and many unholy laws propounded by them. Niloy Chakrabarti was at his eighties when he made the kosthi or birthchart of Sekhar, son of Vikash. According to his calculation he found Sekhar to be dead after 18 years of age. Although in that time many was not ready to accept his prediction. But strangely in the 18 years of age Sekhar was coincidentally found missing. His father made all sort of missing reports at various police stations. A thorough investigation was done in that case. But all search operations proved futile. Then many of the family members assumed the old prediction to be true. Even due to the traditional repute of that astrologer Vikash and Neeta firmly believed that their son was no more alive. Although that old astrologer was not in his body. He died after three years of that prediction. It was known that it was his last prophecy.

But through some local link there was the buzz that few claimed to see Sekhar to be alive.


             Optimistic Sibling

Last Friday Deepak reached Kolkata. He was a close sibling of Sekhar. He was outside India to complete his higher studies for past three years. He was three years younger than Sekhar. Sekhar had a special affection for him. He learned lot of life-positive things from Sekhar. Although Deepak just couldn't digest the whole story of his missing and the link with an old astrologer. He insisted vehemently not to accept anything from his scientific mental set up. He also heard about the ongoing buzz of Sekhar's reappearence claim. He took a deep breath and resolved to find him out at any cost.

                Old dorm

It was evening. It was almost a new form of Delhi city in 2020. After the covid-19 outbreak and lockdown scenario whole city life has been made to pause by an invisible entity. Although Deepak struggled a lot to reach Delhi and find the exact dormitory where Sekhar lived. He checked all the records in the dorm. Yes, he was there only for two years, where he was in his college days. Then after Sekhar granted a permit to visit a mountain trek from hostel authority. From then he did not return. His phone number was found out of reach. Deepak also asked some locals with his photo. But they barely couldn't talk about his whereabouts. Deepak was disappointed. Although he made his staying in a Delhi Police Lodge as one of his uncle posted there.

                 Old diary

Deepak received a phone call from Sekhar's father, Vikash Roy.

"Hello, Deepak."

"Yes! me.."

"Listen an old diary of Sekhar was found in one of his friend's house."

"His friend gave it to me yesterday."

"Now I have scanned all the pages of that diary. I have mailed it to you. See if you can discover anything out of it!"

"Ok..I will check."

The line got disconnected. Deepak checked his mail and started to minutely glance over all the pages of that diary in his laptop. There were lots of mantras written here and there. There were some kind of vedic symbols, which he can't catch. In one page an address was written in blue ink. It was about an ashram in Rishikesh in Haridwar.


Deepak managed his journey towards Rishikesh through his uncle's help in this lockdown era. In this lockdown period entire Rishikesh town was appearing to be more crystal clear. The old Lakshmanjhula bridge hung on the Ganga river seemed quite majestical. Somehow he reached to the ashram which he found in Sekhar's diary. The caretaker of that ashram could easily identify Sekhar in his photo and led Deepak to the senior monk of that ashram. From him he came to know that Sekhar took sanyas and formally turned into a monk. He lived for a quite long time in that ashram and took deeksha. He also learnt a lot of hidden sidhdhis from his guru. Now Sekhar left that ashram and went to the hidden corners of Himalayas for higher sadhana, where nobody could find him. Deepak also found a letter from that monk, which Sekhar specially left for him.

                 The letter

Deepak was on an emotional hangover about Sekhar. He just couldn't hold his tears. He read out his letter-

Dear Deepak,

I already knew you will surely visit here. That's why I left the letter. You may be wondering why I have chosen this life. It's nature's ploy. For what purpose somebody is sent to take this human life. It was my prarabdha to be a sannyasi. Yes I left the dorm in the plea of trekking leave. But I reached here. Never try to find me anymore. You will not find me. Now, one thing you must be wondering about that old astrologer's prediction. He was absolutely right. He was from that traditional vedic jyotishkars. In my birth chart he found my previous identity missing. So in his calculation he declared me to be dead. If any body takes sannyas he needs to do the last rights or shradhdha to his previous identity. To be more specific if one attains that brahmagyan or supreme knowledge he becomes a 'dwija', which means reborn. His whole identity shifts. For you I can say you may do some research on our vedic science. There are lot of unexplored things, which may give you a breakthrough in your research work.



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