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Wanderlust Woman - Part 7

Wanderlust Woman - Part 7

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Karthick sat on the jeep along with the head of the village. His heart pumped blood faster than ever. He took his phone to inform his parents but refrained from it.

"If I ever forget you, how will you make me remind you," she texted at early morning.

"Did you sleep, baby?"

No reply from his side.

She waited for a while and fell asleep.

I will love you from the beginning!

I will share my stories and I will love you so much that I will stay awake in your dream!

She got up to this dream and his reply was the same. She loved their wavelength and the following evening they looked at the full moon silently holding each other’s hand.

He gazed at the moon and recollected her text.

We have reached announced the head silently.

They got down and walked slowly.

A middle-aged man welcomed them warmly and directed them inside a house looking ancestral. The shelves consisted of jars containing medicinal herbs and the roofs were decorated with neem and eucalyptus leaves.

Come inside said an old lady wearing a white dhoti as her garment. She is 121 years old murmured the head.

There lay Priya on a cement slab. Her body had several aches and her round, white face looked pale. Her hair was tied and eyes remained closed. "We found her three weeks ago on the riverbank half dead. We gave her several treatments but nothing helped. She is in taking water and that is the only source which keeps her alive," explained the old lady in her dialect.

Maybe you can talk to her. Her mind is listening. We never know anything about her. All we tell her is about our story and she responds when children speak, she added. Karthick listened but no words reached his ears. He came closer and held her hands looking at her fingers. The silver ring consisting of two hearts shone brightly. He kissed her little fingers and kept it near his cheeks.

Can you feel my beard baby? I missed you for 21days he whispered. Lakshmi is safe baby. Once you open her eyes, you can play with her and take a selfie together on the instamax. I received the parcel baby. You’re mine, I found you and never going to lose you once again.

She didn’t respond. She looked like a baby enjoying her deep sleep. Karthick came out and called his parents immediately. He paused for a while and connected her parents on the conference and informed about Priya. They cried telling they will start tomorrow morning. He said no and cut the call. He called the manager of elephant safari and told him, “Lakshmi is safe and undergoing treatment”. His joy knew bounds. He thanked him many times and ended the call.

"Did you find the elephant?", Karthick asked.

"Yet to," replied the head.

Can you please search for her as well. I am sure she will be somewhere near. The head nodded and suggested he will talk to the head of this village.

He went inside where Priya was resting and sat near her. He started sharing his childhood memories, his adolescence days and present the whole night.

Radhi came before dawn and was taken aback looking at Priya. She knew Priya is her twin and looking at her for the first time in this state made her unstable. She sat near her on the other side and saw Karthick whose eyes was filled with love and passion. He hasn't slept the whole night.

Can we take her out, she asked.

Can we, he replied back doubtfully.

Yes, we must. Nature can heal, she twinkled.

He wrapped her body in a white dhoti which was found hanging in the corner and carried her on his arms. He felt heavy.

They stood together facing the dark mountains and white clouds.

"Baby, do you have change?" he asked.

Radhi smiled!

She hasn't restricted me from smoking and in fact has always wanted to click a picture of it, he explained.

"She loves you," Radhi exclaimed.

"Me too a lot," he answered.

The head who came to look after Karthik turned cold seeing him, Radhi and Priya standing out in the morning fog.

"Take her inside, if the lady knows it, she will throw you out both," he shouted.

They have done the right thing, she whined.

She was in the same place all these weeks. Let her feel the nature, maybe she responds.

The villagers left to search for Lakshmi. Karthick and Radhi took turns to look after her and Karthick made a flower garland for Priya.

"Tomorrow is friendship day and I want to make her feel special. It's our 100th day of staying together," he smiled.

"What makes you love her more?" Radhi popped up.

"Her love and friendship. She never expects anything out of me expect my time for her. She is curious to know about me and everyday loves me a little more than yesterday. Her happiness doesn't depend on me but she goes to any extent to make me happy. She lives her life and after I came she lives for us. I haven't met a girl like her before. Her eyes speak a thousand of emotions and she writes my future. He took a long breath. I find it difficult to express."

Radhi’s jaw opened liked the hungry crocodile.

Karthick blushed after weeks.

"I like the way you smile," Radhi and Priya recited together.

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