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Ashish Chawla



Ashish Chawla




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There was silence. Everywhere. In the corridors. On the playground. In the classrooms. In the library. In the canteen. When I passed through my class, I felt nostalgia. Everything just came back to me. The good old happy times.

Moving ahead of my classroom, I saw the librarian locking the library. She smiled at me. I smiled back. I remembered all those days when I never even thought for a split second of going to the library for getting books, except during examinations. And the librarian, she was a really good lady, with a good heart. Whenever we were in the library, she used to listen to all of our stories. She never shouted at us for being too loud in there. Today, I saw her face. Knowing that we wouldn't be coming back to tell her our stories, she tried to hide that sadness with her smile. I tried not to get too emotional. I moved forward.

It was more of a torture than a farewell party. Everyone was just enjoying the free snacks and the performances of junior students. But deep down, everyone knew, this was probably the last time they were seeing each other, together, in the very same room. You get good at hiding what you feel once you're mature enough, they say.

While everyone was busy partying, I got out of that noisy hall.

I started strolling around. I went in my class, sat on the very same bench where I had a fight with my so called best friend, around two years back. The reason was something silly. I can't even remember it now. But two years later, our bond had reached this level. Pain, happiness, stress, excitement, anxiety, our bond had seen it all.

We think that we'll be friends with each other till the day we die. Well, I don't think that's the truth. Everyone just drifts apart from each other. Everyone is going to land up in a college of their choice, to pursue a career of their choice. We all are hardly going to get time to meet each other. We will make new friends. We will forget the old ones. But life will go on. And years later, we will replenish our memories by looking at the photos which we took when we were young, and immature, and innocent, and talkative, and most importantly, happy.

Everyone will just move on with their life, making everyone believe that they aren't remembering those days when they hated getting up at 6 and leaving their home by 7 for school, when they had a best friend who they always chose to distribute the chocolates to everyone on their birthday with. They'll make everyone believe that they aren't remembering those days when the professor threw them out of the class for not paying attention, or not completing the notebooks.

They'll make everyone believe that, but somewhere in the corner of their heart, even they'll get nostalgic and shed out a tear, wanting to go back to those days where life was simple. Where they got what they wanted by just asking it from their parents.

Things would have been so different if we could just stop the time, rewind it, and go back to living that life. If not that, I wish we could just go back and feel those moments just one more time.

On one hand, I always wanted to get out of this school where I had spent 10 years of my life, to get into a college and pursue a career of my passion. On the other hand, I never realized until today, that I have fallen in love with this school. I have fallen in love with this library, this canteen, this classroom, these stupid friends, everything. But I had to leave this life here, and move ahead with my life. Because that's how everything is supposed to be.

The performances of the students continued for sometime. Then came the part which made everyone cry. The principal gave a short formal speech, followed by each teacher speaking about their funny and emotional moments with us. That single hour of our life made us remember all the times when we troubled our teachers, and when we actually made them laugh with our mischievous behaviour.

“No matter where you all will be going, just try not to forget us,” said one of our teachers.

After all the speeches and the funny and emotional memories, the teachers left and we all students were on our own for another hour. There was music, and there was everybody dancing to those tunes. Nobody wanted to leave. Everyone wanted to cherish those moments for one last time. Everyone started clicking pictures with each other, to upload them later on their social network, and to get emotional a few years later looking back to these days and smile.

“I hope we always stay friends, even though we are not in touch with each other. Just don't behave like strangers in the future, guys,” said my friend.

If only life had a rewind button…

[Dedicated to all the friends in my life. Even though you're not a part of my life anymore, I haven't forgotten you. I'll always be there for you. I'm just a call away. Take care. ]

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