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A Bad Old Lady

A Bad Old Lady

4 mins

There was one primary school for children from 1st to 7th standard. And it was run in 2 shifts for two different languages. One in the morning and another in the afternoon. and on the opposite side there were two big Bungalows ...or can say Mini palaces. Those huge houses were two-storied building and having a huge surrounding area for garden with a compound made of iron thread railing. It didn't have compound build with the wall so everyone could see inside of the compound.

Now it was a coincidence or what, but in both Bungalow only old ladies were staying. All the family members like their children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren were staying either in other cities or to foreign countries. And they used to visit these bungalows during vacations or during festivals like " Diwali " or all days only those old grandmoms used to stay there and look after the house and surrounding areas. They were having servants and cook for helping them for their household work.

 Now, this primary school was having a ground - cum - garden which they used for their period of P. T. i.e. physical training/games for children and for mass prayers sometimes. And children used to eat their tiffin's in that garden area. But it was small so some children started going to that Bungalow and used to sit on steps as buildings were very tall and had stares built-in round shape. 

 Now the lady staying in right side bungalow was very nice and looked like a lady from the royal family or having a connection with the Royal family. She used to wear a sari and was a decent looking lady. She never had objection if children go and sit on building staircase or on the grass in the compound during their recess time which used to be for 30 minutes. In fact if children ask for drinking water then she, or her servants used to give them drinking water. 

But that bad cunning lady was very different. She used to wear western wears like long frocks and gowns and never looked so neat and clean but used to throw her weight on her servants. Many times she had to do her own work by herself because nobody was loyal to her may be. And if she sees school children in her compound or sitting on staircase of bungalow then she used to run after them with a wooden stick in her hand to beat children. Nobody was doing any harm to her property but she could not bear anyone there. 

Her garden was also never seen green or no any flower plants. Only 2-3 big fruit trees she had in her garden, so school children used to throw small stones for those fruits but as soon as she finds someone near trees, she used to shout at them and say bad words. 

Whereas at right side bungalow, the garden used to be always green. Lots of colourful flowers and greenery used to be there in that decent lady's garden. And when her family members used to visit her. they used to be very happy and her grandchildren used to play and enjoy and watching them was fun for others. 

And so that bad cunning lady had no neighbours to support her and many times there was nobody to look after her if she falls sick. Even her family members used to visit her rarely afterwords as there were some quarrels between them due to this property. 

And due to that old bad lady's appearance and behaviour that bungalow was called a " haunted bungalow " . So, she was not getting new servants , only one or two old-time servants used to go inside the bungalow to help her.

After a few years that old bad lady fall ill. And how and when she died nobody had  idea about it. She must have suffered a lot and if she was taken care of by her family members and if it was happy end for her or not nobody knows. But due to the condition of the bungalow and because it was known as haunted bungalow due to that bad and evil natured lady nobody was ready to purchase that bungalow and that property. 

Eventually due to the good behaviour of her children and other family members that property was disposed of.

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