Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

1) A Cherry Blossom Heart Ch-1:-The Birth Of Moedig

1) A Cherry Blossom Heart Ch-1:-The Birth Of Moedig

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There once lived a very poor couple who had lost their clan in war. Since then they kept migrating aimlessly like nomads, till one day the wife got quite ill.  

This forced them to think of stopping over in a nearby city. 

They went to the Chief of the city and asked him if they could live in his city for a while.  

The chief was very kind but the citizens were not so charitable. It was finally decided that the couple would live in isolation in the forest on the outskirts across lake Wereld.  

When they were taken there, they were pleasantly surprised to see the beauty of the place dominated by a huge Cherry Blossom tree which glowed at night. They were permitted to live freely except for just one condition. They were asked to promise not to step out of their house at night time, when it was dark.  But they did not realize that the real reason was that they had to cohabit with a gigantic nocturnal dragon. They lived peacefully there for many months and never broke the code. The wife was pregnant and was about to give birth. There was some complication with the pregnancy, the baby was wrapped its umbilical cord and normal delivery was life threatening to both the baby and the mother. But, the mother gave birth anyway as there was no other way. There was blood everywhere and, the chances of her recovery were glim. The man loved his wife very much and could not bear to lose her. He did not give a seconds care to the promise and decided to go find some help. He put the baby safely in a nice, comfy basket and stepped out into the dark night. He somehow managed to reach the shore of the lake and as he was about to dock, a large dragon appeared from nowhere and sowalled him whole. Unknown to this tragedy, the mother was waiting desperately till her last breath and to make matters worse the baby was born blind. 


Meanwhile, other events were happening in the city, where a major storm warning was  released and emergency evacuation was being done. No one except a kind girl cared to remember to warn the family that lived across the lake. 

She bravely went there and found their hut. In the hut she found a basket with an adorable baby in it. She took the baby back to the village to her parents amidst all the chaos and requested them to keep him, but her parents outright refused. 

She had to take the baby back to the hut, but she felt very sorry for him. So she left lots of milk, fruits and vegetables in his little basket and tied a blue wrist band on his wrist inscribed with the name Moedig. She named him Moedig which means courage. She kissed the baby and left. 


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