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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kritika Mathur

Inspirational Romance


Kritika Mathur

Inspirational Romance

Twenty Three Shooting Stars

Twenty Three Shooting Stars

4 mins 22.1K 4 mins 22.1K


"...Every path we choose takes us to another. It is an infinite cycle which only

stops when you do. This proves how essential it is to utilise every second

wisely. This is exactly why life is so stressful. The past might be a mistake or

an achievement, either way it's over. The future is filled with hope of golden

opportunities, never trust this word 'hope' it sounds like a freaking illusion.

The present is the opposite of a present, it's more like a surprise and

definitely not an appealing one. It is like a jack in the box, wrapped in

beautiful colours and as soon as you open it, it leaves you shattered in fear of

what is coming next....."

It is so quiet here, I can hear my breath synchronise with my heart. I love the

aura of this room, it feels like sunset. The emptiness lets me be me, open and

happy and peaceful. The floor is wooden, so perfectly smooth. There is a

huge graffiti of a beautiful blue eye across the roof, I wonder why it's there.

You might be wondering where on earth have I brought you... don't worry its

just my soul, I come here often. Isn't it beautiful? In front of me is this cute

little box, it is blue and has pink speckles on it. It has always been there,

nicely sealed by nothing but a purple ribbon. I am finally opening the box

today, in fact I am opening it right now. Oh my god!, it's the pictures from the

trip, that is where I met him. Look at this one, we are trekking, look at

me...hahaha, I look so tired!... and look at this, the bonfire the one in the cute

white cap, that's my best friend, she loves the bonfire, it brings all our friends

together. The guy in the red hoodie jacket, with that sweet smile on his face,

that's him.

We spent a lot of time talking, it was great, he is a very nice person and I

slowly started developing feelings for him. It was his charm and kindness

which caught me. I really never felt like this before for anyone, and even after,

it was and has always been that one time. I never told him about my feelings

on the trip, not because I was nervous but I knew what the answer would

have been, yet I hoped that he felt the same about me.

" .... Maybe not all moments at present are bad, in fact maybe it is a gift!, we

always end up blaming the people and the situation, which are both

powerless without our reaction."

He asked me to join him and others for stargazing. I love stargazing so I had

to say yes. I was so excited, we had to wake up at four in morning, and I

woke up exactly at the given time. I rushed out of the tent. I looked at the sky,

it looked amazing! I ran and joined the others, he was there too. We all saw

the stars together. I was prepared to see shooting stars, because I am a

person who believes in this concept of wishes coming true. We saw many

shooting stars, as expected. In total we all saw twenty three shooting stars,

out of which I saw seventeen. It was beautiful, and it was really hard to hold

back my desire, but I managed... I saw seventeen shooting stars out of which

the number of times I wished that he would like me were zero. Even if the

wish wouldn't have come true, it still would have been against his will. That

was the best but sadly the last day of the trip.

We came back from the trip, and we started talking frequently. One day I

decided to tell him about my feelings, and his reaction was as expected. He

wanted to remain friends, and I respected that.

Yes I did like him, but in the end being with him was like living a dream.

Dreams after all never come true, only goals do, and just like dreams, the

details I saw of his face just faded away. Sure that was true love, but some

feelings shall always be suppressed and locked away for the best.

I shall seal this box away like it was before.

"The box in the end did however make me realise how this one person

changed my entire perspective of life. There are different versions of present

which change every second, there is always a chance to change your present

completely. The different versions of present can change the value of your

past and the motive of your future. The present is a present indeed."

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