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Supriya Sahu

Inspirational Others


Supriya Sahu

Inspirational Others

Women Empowerment - NO MORE SILENCE

Women Empowerment - NO MORE SILENCE

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Women empowerment won’t truly happen until enough women stand up for themselves

Women will always remain men’s property until they stand up for who they are

But how would that happen when they’re raised to be fearful and obedient?

No one has ever changed anything by being obedient

At some level, women look down on themselves too and until they realize their own worth and dignity,

No men can truly save them, at least not psychologically

They will continue to be haunted by the society’s cruelties on women,

That’s how women are raised

They are made to feel worse about their gender,

They are made to feel helpless

Men are inherently raised to believe that their position is a little higher than women, and feel entitled to them,

And then, quite literally, everything around validates it

Our men are required to be empowered, truth be told

But, apparently our society has become such that it grooms criminals and patronizes the victim

I once remember my mom saying “Being born as a girl is a curse, there is so much pain, while men have it easy and can live however they want”.

And if a girl starts to believe that, half of her self-confidence and self-worth is already shattered

Everything starts at home, and then gets reinforced in the society

And no one pays attention to it, until it takes the worst form

Then media takes it over, and showcases it in an even extreme manner

An object of entertainment, an eye-candy, a source for sexual pleasure

Until it becomes normal,

To be raped in our houses and getting molested by our cousins

It has lot to do with how parents parent their sons and daughters,

Sons are never questioned while daughters are kept under surveillance, for her SAFETY

While the criminals(men) roam free, at home and in streets

It’s disgusting and intolerable, how our law feeds into it?

Too afraid to give a capital punishment to the culprit

“It’s just a rape, few years of jail should suffice, and some fine”

And there’s a whole different situation regarding marital rape

It’s not even considered a rape in India,


Criminals have left no fear of the police or law; they can shut them up with money or some big name

I think, parents need to take classes on how to raise sons and daughters, while their children still in kindergartens and elementary schools

The roles defined by our society hinders a woman’s personal growth

What they think of as protection is actually a prison that will continually shrink if they don’t do anything about it

It’s time, women come out of their shell

Women are scared, and that’s how they are being controlled

If women will not stand for themselves, nothing would ever change.

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