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Asif Faseeh Faseeh



Asif Faseeh Faseeh


Why Love Is So Weak!

Why Love Is So Weak!

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Ah! what can ail thee

O blithe form,

Thou wert the apostle of peace;

   I wander'd lonely along the hillside,

   In the full green mead,

   I saw a form sitting alone, like a 

   Skeleton forlorn,


   Neither meat nor blood,

   Like a fast-fading lily in mead;

   A frail form look'd phantom!

   I fear'd and fled on backward steps;

   As it would eat just!

   At a distance a moan I hear'd,

   It spoke and wept and moan'd!

   Thou wert too my beau!

   I'm love, if you know! 

            Ah, Ah, Ah,

   Best known voice, I'd hear'd that 'fore!

   Indeed is love, I sigh'd and look'd

   Above, I went forward and said, 

   Thou wert the apostle of peace!

   With thy name all the songs are filled; 

   Fairies are creat'd for thee

   Ah! what can ail thee? 

   O blithe form, it wept but no tear was 

   Left to fall!

   Upon the couch of thorns, I've fallen. 

            I die! I fall! I faint

   Mine complaint 'fore thee I put,

   Do convey it to all the world; 

   O ye world, listen carefully, its ballad.

   Avarice, greed, and lust for money and land,

   Have made me too weak even to stand!

   Love weeps for help but none listens

   To it! 

   Avarice blights dear love and greed is

   Sapping it!

   Lust for money and land and greed for more 

   And more;

   Even envy with them stands! 

  Dimple of the beloved and mirth of the beau

  Egoism has smother'd the both! 

  And love implores 'fore its foes! 

  Alas! hatred is slaughtering love, 

  Ah! None comes to help it! 

  And love weeps for love! but none

  Listens to it.

  All my blood these've squeez'd; avarice,

  Greed and lust've sapp'd my soul! 

  Ah! wretched love was about to die!

  Alas! I could do nothing to console!

  I promis'd love, to detest avarice, greed 

  And lust;

  Why in the world love is so weak? 

  For all the consequent deeds. 

  Hate, avarice, greed, and lust,loudly I spoke 

  And spoke;

  My mom touch'd me and from the dream 


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