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Jyoti Bujethiya

Fantasy Inspirational


Jyoti Bujethiya

Fantasy Inspirational

Unseen And Untouched

Unseen And Untouched

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The quivering waves of stale blood,

Flowing through my tired veins.

And these mysterious unseen tangles,

Of my tiny, blunt and harsh chains.

I seem to be swallowed and sunken,

By the miseries of those perennial pains.

Come, let's fantasize about this platitude!!

The piercing sharp stroke, 

Etching tunnels and making me hollow.

I am dreaming the deadliest fire,

Sucking peace to wrap-up the sorrow.

And all those inhumane creatures,

Grunting and groaning for least to borrow.


My ends don't reach their meet,

It's just a matter of some self-built greed.

The more and more I dig it apart,

I find it blur and swift as a dart.

The thoughts consumed and the words spilled out,

Are heading the way to fraud and drought.

But then I know, how to revert it back,

And sail the boat to my older stack.

Clubbing the taste and tongue back to board,

I steal the spot and shelter my thoughts.

And still, I breathe through virtual shadows,

Of what I call them facts unknown,

Unseen and untouched, but deeply felt and heard!!

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