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Jyoti Bujethiya

Abstract Fantasy


Jyoti Bujethiya

Abstract Fantasy



1 min 376 1 min 376

Sometimes, I wander abruptly along the edges of those thoughts.

Exploring the flaws in their complex abstractions.

And try to extract the pulse of that illusion.

Sometimes, I feel free, unhitched from the rest of the crowd.

Searching for the unheard waves of the doomed cloud.

And tend to roam for the pacific gloom of the unending hoax.

Sometimes, I float beyond the blessings of the almighty.

Wandering for levelling the uneven beliefs built up to infinity.

And bound to fetch the parallel palms of uncertain simplicity.

Yes! I wander, wander through these peculiar places placed somewhere deep down,

Under the mask of this virtual reality!!

Prying curiously for true magic to unleash the unknown truths.

Yes, I am wandering.

Neither numb nor lost,


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