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Mihika Saraf

Abstract Inspirational Children


Mihika Saraf

Abstract Inspirational Children

To Our Teachers

To Our Teachers

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Inspires your thoughts,

Corrects your faults,

Brings happiness in your smile,

Improvises your effort to a further mile.


Devises your mind,

Is like a supporting shoulder behind,

Makes you ready for a challenging world outside,

And each lesson taught and to be taught,

She will guide your mind and teach your thoughts.


Makes us read and write,

Teaches us wrong and right,

In the fuzz of preparation of future- a guiding light,

Your support.

To re-climb the rocks I've fallen from,

To learn again, and forever, work and reach,

To my goals, higher than the skies, beyond book lessons, the life lessons you teach.

We kids, alike a planted seed,

With tenderness and curiosity to grow,

With a need to be guided through this tender age,

To our keen mind to seek and know.

The nourishment of motivation and knowledge that you provide,

Helps the complete development of us seeds,

Understanding and cooperation, we show gratitude for,

As you are a great helping hand for us to succeed.

So today we thank you for all you have done,

And give you credit for all we have won,

We will improve even from our improvements,

And assure to be better students,

Thank you for making us, dreamers and seekers,

For being so wonderful,

Thank you teacher...

Happy Teacher's Day

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