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Venkatesh R

Action Classics Crime


Venkatesh R

Action Classics Crime

The "V"

The "V"

2 mins

\When the problems poured from sides.

They stood there firm, battling the oppositions with fabricated lies.

It was less known, to the spectators, about the reality as it was a beautifully woven dream architecture perfectly built by the best in the field.

The illiterate, literate, educated, and even the genius no, one knew from where they attained the place in the dream, as it started falling apart.

The architect disguised the reality, as they bent the truth with the illusion of lies, by hacking the minds with words of beloved faithful media and influenced social media along with the power.

Since the inception of power, everyone hailed and expected a difference but the devoted team partners the best of the skilled governance vanished as honesty refrained them from the fantasy lies of dreams.

Garbage collection,


One way frequent communication to mass.

Gave birth to the zombies of nations.

In order to stop the violent eruption, forces get misused for securing the dreams of the chair, where the reality gets buried in the flames of immortal celebrity news.

For how long we the people get hacked in the dreams of others while running the rat race?

When will there be an antidote, to the life of a zombie where justice shows partiality.

Does the inception of those media and leaders who shed the blood for freedom will ever be born?

Do those honest leaders who respected each other parties, values worked together to claim a victory over crisis will be born again?

Will, there be a leader who comes in disguise to understand the lives of the people ever be born?

Real freedom comes when our kids are free to play outside and inside home by being secure and by being free of crime with no delay in justice and concealed truth.

Does fate, 

Remains the same and ends 

In another black dot?

Or should there be a 

None violence movement to oppose the


Where the government should be afraid of the people, and the people shouldn't be afraid of the government.

"V" is just an identity, for "we"

Which lives among us and it's not pertinent to an individual and it's not an emotional spike in the rat race.

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