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The Unusual Times Of Corona

The Unusual Times Of Corona

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It is the high time of the crises going around,

Everyone is in a panic with the world that surrounds.

Covid-19 or say Corona is a fear in the people's mind,

Staying away from gatherings is the safety sign.

People staying at home and doing their work,

All the boredom is something that sucks.

Well all the family members together bring out,

A solution to make the day cheerful, that makes the kids shout.

The games played by the kids and males busy with politics discuss,

All the females in the kitchen busy preparing tasty meals making every one smirk.

The fear in the mind keeps vanishing with time,

Each other's support and care brings in shine.

The memories are created and time spent is so good,

The positivity around makes the soul-soothing.

Any problem can be overcome together,

Just a positive outlook is what bothers!!

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