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Safety is every human's birthright,

Now it is celebrated as just a day.

Everyone's so busy that, basic

Necessities now need a day to remember.

Safety isn't just about girls or women harassed or raped,

Safety isn't just about the one with mental stress who craved.

Safety isn't just discussing about such issues,

But what are the steps take to resolve them.

Safety is about where each and everyone,

Humans, birds, animals, forests are safe.

The environment is safe.

Safety is something we need to think upon,

Wh,y being a basic need, it is neglected?

Safety starts with ourselves and self-thinking.

Safety assurance starts with you, me and all around.

Safe would be the world when,

No parents hesitate to send a girl out,

Safe would be then where the ecosystem isn't hunted for fun.

Safe would where the law and justice is equal 

Safe would be when everyone deserves equal rights.

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