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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Love And Hate, An Amazing Hue!

Love And Hate, An Amazing Hue!

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Love and hate

Two opposites exist and expostulate

Strongly express in a polarized form

One existing contrary to other in forlorn

I wonder what makes one blind

Whether love or hate, a singular expression only engulfs us and reign!

Emotion causes riot to one's reason

The intensity of emotion always in predominance

I wonder how it blinds us

Causing huge ruckus

Despite it emphatically declares

It is emotion whose motion alone eclipse us in chorus!

Love is an emotional gesture

It is having a terrible flavor to cause the intense rapture

It makes us often blind

We subscribe to love and eulogize it as a noble design!

Love is a nature's gift

It attracts opposites with its mystic treat

Sometimes in rift

Sometimes reconcile with the melodious fleet!

Bees too are nature's unique gift

While mating there too an amazing rift

The male honey bees produce a toxin in profuse quantity

To blind queen bees for the impending separation in perpetuity!

There too love plays a soothing impact

Pain of separation may not engulf them in any format

Continuity of progeny is the only song

Eternally they hum with a unique tune to hover on them centuries long!

For love people can afford to abdicate their throne

It is too a toxic affect to ruin an existing system to attune

Making people blind, taking their rational traits, forcing them to align

Which may fetch legendary fame

Despite it may follow series of mayhem

But love may yield sheer loss associated with pain

What it finally gain is sheer wonder

Love may be eulogized and remain champion centuries long

With a mystic attribute triggering many to hanker!

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