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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Fall Of Patriarchy

Fall Of Patriarchy

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I am a strong woman with a weak heart, 

Who travels down a path made of gravels that encrusts me with scars.

I am not allowed to speak loud and harsh and always asked to swallow down voice,

As for them, my words do not form an important part.

I look above to, 

My Pure and Beautiful sky - an epitome of freedom in my conscience

I see it to be very far, 

As I am sinking and sinking down

In the deep ocean and black mart. 

My Family also got stuck, 

And they chose to label me a curse. 

Society's hand cludge my dreams, 

Yet my struggles retrieve every time with more speed. 

Some say "I am not like other girls" 

But that's not true 

I am exactly like others 

Because all girls are like forests that regenerate no matter how many times you destroy. 

Filled with greed, men try to break our esteem, 

They yank and pull our branches, 

Burning all our leaves,

But our roots are deep

As we are the ones who sow the human seeds.

Women are beautiful, 

Just like the rose - No! Not the rosy colour 

But you know, girls also have thorns - A protection from those that want to hurt them,

And wants to pluck them from their origin for "Show-off". 


These days of 'Beauty in pain' will come to an end

As we, women, plainly refuse to violence of men to transform our patches of life, 

Into what can become Our 'own place' 

Of colour and life and flowers, 

That will resemble our unchanging smiles.

We will follow the treasure maps of our weakness, to find our worth. 

We will flow with the river, to find routes to drip into places which you told we do not belong. 

We will fly high with our wings carrying through the sky, to see

How this world is divided into so many colours and leagues. 

We will wait for this numb and dumb winter to end. 

We will wait for the spring to show its new growth and beauty to reframe all the bad. 

We will wait to regain our fertility that has been corrupted from years by dominant men. 

We will wait for our season to come....

"The Fall of Patriarchy" and 

"Onset of Equality". 

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