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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

When I Wish To Complete You

When I Wish To Complete You

2 mins 218 2 mins 218

You complete me, and I desire to complete you

I want to be the trust, the faith, the love you place in few

I wish not to be the tranquil sea, but the storm that fires up your life, 

No bed of roses I desire to be, but the cutting edge of a knife.

I plan to consume you, your thoughts and seep into your mind,

So lethal, that you fail to differentiate the pain of a different kind.

I crave to slowly devour your soul to pieces and to bits,

So much that when I finally outgrow, you'll wonder what had hit.

I'll be the moment 'tween the sinking dusk and the glowing dawn,

I’ll be the fire you need when the light in the tunnel is gone.

I can't promise to heal the scars that you get going down the lane,

But I'll be there, silently beside you, to pull you out from pain.

I'll hold your hand and take you to places you've never been,

I'll mesmerize your senses with spectacles that you've never seen.

I'll be the favourite folded page from the novel that you own,

And be your confidante, your guiding light, when life seems totally torn.

I'll exist in the burning smoke from the cigarette you just lit,

And jingle in the tiny anklet that graciously hugs your feet.

Your favourite song, your favourite lines shall all begin with me,

And I will be the one who shapes all verses of your destiny.

I'll linger in the ink on your shoulder that you plan to take to death, 

I'll be the drug you've needed forever, so much deadlier than Meth.

So wait for me, I'm on my way, as at crossroads I see you roam,

You'll know I'm here, when you close your eyes and it finally feels like Home!

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