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Priyanka Lonakadi



Priyanka Lonakadi


I Chose You

I Chose You

2 mins 325 2 mins 325

Why do I keep having random thoughts?

Why do I keep replaying our talks?

It's for you I have been waiting so long,

But you merely told me, "I shall come, just stay strong ".

You never came back, or did you?

You say you did, but for me, you were someone new.

Why do I keep crying out loud so often?

Why do I keep contemplating my decision?

Dad, you left mom crying at the altar,

But I still chose you as an obedient daughter. 

I left Mom far behind me, she stood there still,

Wondering how the vows taken are going to be fulfilled. 

Why did you have to choose someone else?

Why did you have to make things so complex?

Mom had always chosen you over everyone,

I was in her tummy and life had just begun!

You said you would marry her and there's nothing to fear.

I came into the world, I remember you shredding a tear.

When did things suddenly start changing?

When did you start complaining?

The day arrived, Mom was in her wedding gown, 

She looked beautiful, mesmerizing from top to down.

Little did she know, her prince charming is going to cheat,

Little did she know, that her life is going to be incomplete 

Why did I think of going after you?

Why did I think of choosing you?

Dad, I promised Mom that I would bring you back.

I saw you happy with some other woman and I was taken aback.

I knelt down crying, afraid to say any word.

You picked me and said, "Forget your mom and this is your world".

Why did I then become so weak?

Why had I forgotten to speak?

You kept telling me that Mom would eventually come,

But she never did and I had become all numb.

But now it's enough, it's time I get up and make my choice.

It's high time I raise my voice.

I am choosing you, Mom, because it has always been for you.

Dad, I am leaving you for now and forever.

I and Mom are going to lead a life much simpler. 

I am sorry to bother you with so many questions,

I am so sorry if I ever hurt your intentions. 

Now, we don't need anyone because our war with life has already been won.

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