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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Writ Majumdar



Writ Majumdar




2 mins 178 2 mins 178

The rain by then had ceased to fall

The tendrils of the vines crawled over the wall

The wind blew and the leaves shed

All swathed in hues of orange and red 

The air was like cider and the sky so blue

Oh, but was it an untimely end for me and you?

Fall has a beautiful finality, isn’t it?

It’s like the last moments of a day, still sunlit

Just like every day but all at once

The past’s lingering essence with the chill of the coming winter months

Inside I was lying down and there was a heavy lull in the air

The silence screamed and held me in a snare

My voice couldn’t be heard above the din

Yet my mind wandered tame but free, like Huginn and Muninn

And I saw you standing with your eyes agleam

I was caught in a trance, between a memory and a dream

But I didn’t know if you knew me

Oh, had you forgotten all that was “we”?

Were we now like scattered leaves of a tree?

To blow away forever, or destined to meet?

First I saw you caught in a tempest

Then again, walking through a forest

Then again along the seashore

And yet again through a lush green meadow

All the places together we had been

Yet now with you, I was nowhere to be seen

Oh didn’t you feel me through the breeze?

Didn’t you hear my words rustling through the trees?

Didn’t the waves whisper my name?

And our love to the skies, did the storm not proclaim?

But don’t you worry now my love, at my behest

Could you just pick for me some forget-me-not?

Oh please for me could you drive your quill?

Oh please, could you keep the forget-me-not on your windowsill?

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