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Aadarsh Shrivastava



Aadarsh Shrivastava




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People will be mean 

They’re gonna hurt you 

Even the ones you think are closest to you

The fact is everyone is busy pretending,

Maybe you’re also doing this, to someone.

Once whom you called your sister or be it your closest friend, they won’t understand you

Or maybe they don’t want to 

You'd have to stand up and I’m not saying fight. 

Just stand up. You came alone to this world and you’re the only one who’s going to be there for yourself

All these things, maybe someone already has said it you or you yourself have gone through these thoughts many times.

But what have you done for it?

You keep finding excuses, jumping from one close person to another that maybe someone will understand maybe someone will be with you saying that:

Yes! like I said, I’ll stand with you no matter what.

But you have got to understand the fact that only you can do it.

Everyone has their shit going on in their life maybe it’s not their fault they don’t want to take yours in it. 

Then there are people who made things hard for you.

Not only because they weren’t there, but by other means.

Making allies with the ones who betrayed you once or bitch about you behind your back.

So rule one: never talk about someone behind their back nor be friends with them whom you know have talked behind yours.

If the people can't make you happy when you were at your worst instead of picking you up infact they throw you under the bus.

Actually I don’t even know because when you remember they were there for you a few times but what happened now?

This is the time when you needed them most right? And instead of helping they’re making it tough.

All you want at this moment is one person anyone with whom you can confide your heart to,

But you don’t know who because all you’ve been feeling these days are betrayals or maybe too much expectations

Even small things hit you hard enough to give you a headblast.

Everything is so confused right now I cant even clearly tell the difference between black and white

Everything is GREY.

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