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Drama Romance



Drama Romance

The Singer

The Singer

1 min 215 1 min 215

She got a standing ovation,

Her singing was extraordinary

She was a sensation,

One could hear the loud applause

It was non-stop, there was no pause.

She was searching for a face

in the crowd

The face that had made her so famous, so proud,

She searched everywhere;

Where are you, don't you care,

This was the moment you and

 I waited for, every day,

But today you just walked away, where are you?

She got down from the stage, she was crying loud,

All the while calling out his name

Pushed her way to the front of

the crowd,

Searched once again, then,

Fell down in a faint amidst the 


The crowd parted way,

Allowed her to be carried away.


 He watched her from a 


 Moved away from the scene,

 Love he thought had no  


 When you were on threshhold

 Of achieving,

  Your ambition, your dreams,

  She would understand his

 decision one day,

 Even forgive him and also   forget,

 That once in her life there    

 was a friend,

 Who stood by her when it 

  mattered most,

  But had now moved away

  like a ghost.



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