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Prajakta Chaudhari

Comedy Romance


Prajakta Chaudhari

Comedy Romance

The Mathematics Of Love

The Mathematics Of Love

1 min 376 1 min 376

Hey, my sweet crafted TRIGONOMETRIC FORMULA ,

I wish I was SINE and you were my COSINE,

CALCULATION could have been better,

If you were mine.

Nevertheless, regardless of DIFFERENTIATION,

There is no LIMIT for the love we share,


For the bond we care.

My sweetie π, my CONJUGATE, my friend,

DISTANCE will always be out of QUESTION,

Since the common DENOMINATOR is,

Only and only the love.

You are FUNDAMENTAL, also a paranormal PHENOMENA.

You always make me realize that,

I am more worth than just PARTIAL FRACTION,

When I thought I was just a PARABOLA,

Lost in past and uncertain future.

I owe it to you all, for SORTING me out,

Our lives have now become PARALLEL lines,

Hoping that our PATHS,

Someday will INTERSECT.

Your smile is a PIVOT that lifts me above,

I see you with me EVEN in spite of ODD,

Realized and understood now,

CALCULUS is much more than you + me = us.

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