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The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

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As I close down on my last days here

There is always a sour taste on my tongue

Of the many bittersweet feelings

That I seem to take home with me

This place made me and broke me

This place thrilled me and killed me

And yet as I take my last few steps

I don't seem to be able to decide whether I want to or not.

Take these steps or run backwards

And start it all over again, afresh

I came here as someone else

But college is the only place

Where you lose your identity

To regain your status

I lost my confidence and myself

I lost my aura and all in vain

I got taken ashore by the wave

Of the "perfect" college life, that they say

I had the best days of my life

And the very worst

All at the same place

I made new friends and let go of the old

I kept a few of the old and made them mingle with the new

And as I take my last step here

I am quite not sure

Whether I want to take the step or not

But I am quite sure that the person stepping out

Is similar to the person who stepped in those years back

But they are very different

Different because one knows her worth

While the other knows her values

And now as I step forward and begin something new

I take all the things this place taught me

This place that I called home for so many years

This place that the rest call as college

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