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The Girl Of Free Will

The Girl Of Free Will

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She was a beautiful woman who did not believe in marriage, you see,

She was loved by everyone.

But getting married is not my cup of tea

For life is to enjoy to have fun.

Getting hitched, and become a slave to someone.

Is not a good idea as far as I think.

For then you are stuck you cannot have any fun,

Life after marriage often brings a woman to the brink.

So she went ahead, lead a bohemian lifestyle,

Celebrating life in all ways, like there was no tomorrow,

Live happily, spends money, enjoys, for life is short, she said it with a smile.

Or else your life will be full of sorrow.

Things went on, till the unthinkable happened one day,

She fell in love with a man, for sharing

Now she is in love, they said, she has lost her way, 

Poor thing she has lost her bearings.

Came the big day of wedding bells

There was a celebration it was a great sight.

She knew Marriage was like walking on seashells.

But she did not care, she was in love, she danced all night. ,

Then she lost her husband, it was sad,

She became a widow,

Now she thinks of life she once had,

Always stares out of the window,

Then throwing caution to the winds, she said,

Why should I live like a widow, and grieve all day?

He died but I am not yet dead,

Once again I will live my life in my own way,

Thus you can see her now, partying all night.

Living life with great abandon, without care you see.

I am doing what I think is always right,

I don't care what people think of me.

You can still see her a woman of free will today,

Going about life without a care at all.

 she says, I am always happy and gay,will never cry

I will live the way I want to until I fall or die.

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