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How I Wish I Could

How I Wish I Could

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If I could draw a painting, 

I would have drawn you. 

Would have drawn your lips like an armour, 

With that smile of pleasure. 

If I could sing a song, 

I would have sung a lullaby for you. 

Would have sung a tale of love

And had held you high above. 

If I could write something, 

Hahahaha, though I can write, 

I think of penning down your memories, 

This friendship and belongingness. 

If I was a model, 

I would have loved to date you for long, 

Would have kissed you all my love, 

And had held your hand in all forms. 

If I was a magician, 

I would have tricked you in between, 

Would have compelled you to obey me, 

Would have treasured you secured in my magic. 

If I was a doctor, 

Wait! I wouldn't do surgery on you. 

I would have stared you from bed to discharge, 

Would have fancied you under curtains around. 

If I was a star, 

Though, I don't wish to be. But if I was, 

Would possibly have gazed upon you always 

Would be the lucky charm of your mind. 

If I was another man, 

Definitely we were destined to be friends. 

I would have still loved you silently. 

And had supported by all means. 

If I was a businesswoman, 

I have had named all my awards with yours. 

Would have got us a cottage. 

Where we would stay, rest, repeat afterwards. 

But, I am a woman. 

Less than my love, nothing deserves you. 

With empty hands and folded dreams, 

I am a simple woman with nothing to treasure but your love. 

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