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Shraddha Pandey

Drama Romance


Shraddha Pandey

Drama Romance

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers

2 mins 18 2 mins 18

I don't know you now, you're a stranger on loan,

You've disappeared entirely,

Been replaced with a perfect clone. 

I'm afraid your duplicate,

Must be cosmetic only,

Cause one talk with this one,

And it's clear that he's a phony. 

He's got not a stick,

But a log up his ass,

Perpetual PMS,

And a voice like chewed glass. 

I know the real you,

He now exists in the past,

But the you from back then,

Would've tried to whip this one's ass. 

I fell hard for the real you,

With a love that truly lasts, but if first I'd met this new you,

It would have been a hard pass. 

In the grand scheme, you are average,

So who the fuck do you think you are?

You are mean and petty always, but wish to be treated like a star. 

You should be grateful, that I've no more time to waste,

Cause if you were even close to worth it,

I'd give you a taste. What's the matter?

Can't stomach your own stuff?

I get it. I know from experience, that that medicine's pretty rough.

 I sit back and watch you, this stranger with a familiar face,

No trace of whom I know, Like a doppelganger, took his place. 

Acting so casual and indifferent, so cavalier and cocky,

Giving in and selling out

At least no one's ever bought me.  

All the things you hated,

The new you buys into,

From Facebook to Instagram,

From Tinder to YouTube. You went from monogamy and family,

To parties and lies,

From loyalty and honor,

To covering for "the guys". 

Despite all of this confidence,

This swagger you emulate,

You're life's not any better, as your actions clearly demonstrate. 

The cracks in your surface,

Are small veins expanding,

Soon becoming massive arteries,

Out of control and demanding. 

As I watch this unfold, my thoughts are my own,

Like a riddle only solved, after the answers are all shown. 

You're trying to stay afloat, Yeah that's right I said it,

Throw you in the water,

And I'll prove that you can't tread it. 

People catch me staring,

And ask me "do you know him?",

Without blinking I'll nod and say,"

I once knew a version of the old him." 

They'll nod and let it go, not knowing the story of you and me,

Because there's no easy way to tell them,

"We're strangers who share memories."

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