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raviteja kasturi

Abstract Drama Romance


raviteja kasturi

Abstract Drama Romance

By the Lighthouse

By the Lighthouse

2 mins

Standing atop the tower so high,

I look into the distance as far as could my eyes,

Where the brazen sea meets the sky,

And the breezy waves kiss the heavenly skies.

I know not how to express this pain 

That left my heart astound in vain,

All alone on the lofty mound, 

I hear the wailing ocean's sound,

I lay my back against the concrete wall,

Of the solitary lighthouse atop this natural wall,

A house of hope amidst this sea of despair,

A house whose light always searches for the one it cares.

Those streaks of light shine methodically,

In search of those adrift frantically,

They are the beacon of hope for people lost,

To get back to shore from the oceans vast.

I too seek the help of this light,

To find the one I miss in sight.

I then look at the sky with ardour,

With stars spread across in pearly armour,

In a hope to find the heavenly might,

That could aid my search and bring me light.

Now I look at the moon gently rise,

Right across the horizon in disguise. 

The ambient space quickly morphs,

As a new found beauty spreads along the Wharfs.

A sight to behold to all those who see,

Scenes of transforming bay and sea.

The day has dusked and dawns anew,

Bringing life a new found sinew.

The radiant light tapers along the pitch black sea.

Enticing the viewers to keep their gaze and see.

The silvered waves rustle against the shore,

The cool breeze teases the mind for more.

None of this has any effect on me,

For I could not share this moment with thee.

I wish to walk hand in hand,

Across the grainy long beach sand.

I wish to look at your eyes that shine,

And speak the words that make you mine.

I wish to hear you speak and talk,

And thrive in the moment as you walk and talk.

I miss your smile that makes my day,

A smile so pretty like the milky way.

I miss those tresses that glide around,

Darker than the night that shrouds around.

I miss your face that radiates light,

Brighter than all the galaxies at night.

All the scenery seems dull and strife,

For I miss my dearest one in life.

And as I lean against the wall, I see,

I cant but help sync with the wailing sea.

The moon, the stars, the dreamy night,

Are nothing but a tiny speck in your tiara,right!!

I feel so empty and shallow inside,

For you are far away to sit by my side.

I no longer know how long I can bear,

For my tender heart cannot fathom to dare.

It seems as if my heart would regress

For I miss you dearly, my dear Princess........

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