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raviteja kasturi

Abstract Fantasy Others


raviteja kasturi

Abstract Fantasy Others

To Poesy

To Poesy

2 mins 291 2 mins 291

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Sailing across the Zephyr aloud.

To forlon lands that never end,

Too magical to fathom and bend.

Floating over the lush green hills,

Wafting on the dandelion frills.

Gliding like the mist that shrouds,

Marveling all of natures proud.

A wakeful state yet dreamy one,

I fret not to either stop or turn.

In this state i see a glimpse,

Of life and end in a subtle sense.

The day is when the Sun arrives,

And with the Sun the world arise.

The sky turns red then orange and white,

Draped in silver clouds that light.

The birds and bees buzz around,

In search of food for timely rounds.

The bucks and does run here and there,

For the day has brought a new found flare.

Then I see an angel walk,

Across the lush green mountain ark.

Adorned in green floral drapes,

She jumps around in fetch of grapes!

Two little feet jump high and high,

Till they reach the vine so high.

Strained and tired she stops to rest,

And takes her throne amidst the greeny nest.

The floral chains spread their fragrant musk,

And seemingly the time has come to dusk.

Squatted down the rocky terrain,

My angel gazes upon the hilly terrain.

Those lofty peaks that touch the skies,

Seem to bring warmth to her eyes.

The time flew by gazing at,

For now the skies and stars finally met.

The sky looked like a blanket spread,

With millions of dots painted in the thread.

The eyes of my angel lit anew,

That surely surpassed the light on dew.

Those dreamy eyes began to droop and sway,

For they now began to roam elsewhere.

The magical scene weighed her down

And the swaying grass became her eiderdown.

The gentle breeze flew past by,

Ever so lightly to kiss her bye.

And as she slept under the starry sky,

So did my muse of poesy nigh.

All I could was admire the sight,

But could not pen at least the night.

So I have embedded these feathery lines

So I can relish those memories of sour grape vines!!

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