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raviteja kasturi

Abstract Tragedy Others


raviteja kasturi

Abstract Tragedy Others

Lost Cause

Lost Cause

2 mins 412 2 mins 412

Separating my dreams from me

I know not where and why He is hiding from me.

I know not how and when I became a stranger to myself

How can I live with my soul separated from me?

My paths keep asking me the way to my house,

For, the paths I take don't have a destination for me

Look for me there, in those clueless voids, as now I begin to live there for free....

The knocks and thumps keep asking me 

For they know not where my door has been.....

Why is that even though my heart is with me,

It knows not why it is still alive in me.....

For even though it breathes it knows not why it lives unseen...

The sand of fate has slipped away from my hands

And my destiny is lost everywhere.....

I know not how to begin a new story once again

For I cannot see the ink of grief to write my story with....

The paths that I chose were as per my wish.

But I know not why I am upset with my strife.

What is the sin that I have committed?

That made You give me the punishment of life.

Do the lines of destiny engraved on my forehead

dictate my life in this world?

In this world of Yours, Your will cannot be erased

Thus I wail in tears which keep erasing me...

Why should I stay awake while He weaves my dreams to His Will?....

Why is it that despite being aware of my state He still sleeps with his eyes open?......

And hence I wonder why is it that I should stay awake????

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