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Shikha Mishra

Drama Romance


Shikha Mishra

Drama Romance

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

2 mins 193 2 mins 193

She was there once again, all by herself in the coffee shop

Sitting exactly where she always took her seat 

There was something about the place that made her visit again and again.

That place had good memories of her and her husband.

And that was her way of remembering him.

Today, she wore the pink dress that made her look like a princess

But the sadness on her face seemed to have sucked all the happiness.

Whenever she visited the place, he felt a sense of happiness by her mere presence.

In so many years, he never felt the same before for anyone.

He so wanted to approach her and talk to her, to let her know how he felt about her.

Love can make you feel crazy, there is so much to share, yet you find yourself out of words

Her happiness is what mattered to him the most, but what if she gets offended by knowing his love for her

Though he has seen her often, yet he feels there is an unspoken strong connection between them

But how does he initiate the discussion, this question left him all troubled.

And then he noticed the luggage bags with her it was a sign of her departure from his life forever.

He couldn't believe it when he heard she was leaving the city forever since there nothing left in here anymore.

And before he could confess his love for her, she exited from the door of that coffee shop.

And yet again, he became as lonely as he was before.

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