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Manu Devassia

Drama Tragedy Children


Manu Devassia

Drama Tragedy Children



2 mins 228 2 mins 228

The sea seemed serene as the sun hid behind the mountains.

Only the roar of the waves resounded in the air, 

And the tides swept the shore and withdrew rumbling.

The bushes and the little huts appeared like dark shadows far away;

The gentle warmth of the half-moon adorned her 

With a blue glittering frock, making her charming.

I set out with hopes, not of abundance

But of ceasing the hunger of my dear ones.

The sea was calm but my anxious mind was turbulent;

It was stirred up, like her flux deep beneath.

She welcomed me like a mother, promising me a good catch,

And she is fertile as ever with species that is limitless.

Now the mother-sea has to empty her womb a little 

To make our bellies settle and be content.

My canoe drifted gently tearing her blue frock open,

But magically leaving it sewed up as I passed foremost.

The sparkling stars above winked at me playfully, 

And the moon accompanied me like a glow worm.

They made me forget my sorrows and unfulfilled dreams

Soon I was away, left alone to hear only her voice;

I was wandering on a new planet endless, I felt,

Having none around to exchange a word.

She was in continuous chatter with the westerly breeze 

And occasionally, she lashed me tenderly. 

My startled thoughts arose from nowhere;

I knew I'm risking my life for tummies,

But the weary eyes that fancied one full meal

Made me dare even to venture adventurous.

The sea mother is ever gratified 

To offer her riches abundantly.

She has ceased the hunger of aching stomachs; 

At times, many had to sacrifice lives and dreams too.

Is she so selfish to gulp lives to pacify her hunger?

She is unpredictable and her mood swings aren't always for good; 

Fortunes she has brought to many but distress to a few. 

The net I cast lies awaiting the sea god's blessings

But he wasn't as generous to me as before. 

The dark-bellied clouds sailed in the sea above,

And my canoe has to return barren leaving hopes.

How shall I face the fervent eyes awaiting my return?

I shall not leave them desolate on the shore;

And fighting the stormy sea wouldn't be wary 

For a meal that can comfort them only for days,

But the life I spare, though poor, may keep their lives for years.

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