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Anjali Singh



Anjali Singh


Some Memories Don't Die

Some Memories Don't Die

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The wrinkled cheeks and the slender lips

All I recall is her smile in those clips

Of the video that my family showed 

Of the lady who once resided in abode

She made the home feel like paradise

And the dawns were bright and more alive

I swung my early days in her arms

And yawned the nights and dozed the calms

My wonders were her miracle lores

Oh I was a mumbling kid I tell you folks 

And years passed, I was two or three

When the dream emerged in my sleep

The brisky breeze had a news to tell

The morning came with whispers' yell 

Rushed the fleet to the destination

The daughter was naive 

Of her mother's depletion

So was the child who had the premonition

Who dreamed the autumn and segregation

Lost was the part of the family's root

The stars welcomed the comer in troupe 

She was mother's mother, 

A lady with feathers,

A distinct penumbra

She did living for others.

And if I be asked, 

My words will shout

To throw the letters 

Of praise. I'm proud

She is living to give

A shoulder to rely

She is living in my memory

And some memories don't die.

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