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Anjali Singh



Anjali Singh


The Mother's Moon

The Mother's Moon

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The part of the moon

Lay on the mother's lap

The unworldly face

With the innocence trapped

In the nerves in the vision

The reflection of the eye

The infant born

Was the woman's delight

It was decades ago

When the flowers bloomed

When she was tied up

To be a bride to her groom

The roses seemed red

And the lilies were white

Little did the lady know

The ring would be the blight 

The mornings were beaming

Like the newly budded flowers do

The autumn soon arrived

Shredded the trees one or two

Now the ring with a mark

On her body was attested

The life she lived

She merely detested.

Her springs plummeted 

The lights deviated

To take her to the land

Of her own misery

The gentleman she married

Battered her badly

Spirit with the water

Destroyed him completely

The Novelty of being married

And the bond was worn off

The vows taken at the tie-up 

Were shoved off

The trembling plates and

The cups on the walls

Shook the timid heart

An' jeopardized the rise and falls

She cursed the dearth of bliss 

In her fate

All she was showered was 

Despise and hate.

But a rose is a rose

Shall live with the thorns

But the petals be bloomed

With the fragrance above

A gift was gifted

From the land of heaven

A face of mercy and

Love was begotten

The one on her lap

That cradled the pain away

And made her forget

She was under the sway

The rays fell upon that face

The infant born

Made her stay

Made her strong

To fight the days

With hopes to live

She had more to give

Now the pain vanished

And the dent was gone

While caught her eyes 

the glimpse of born

The infant born

Was the woman's delight

The infant born

Was the reason she smiled.

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