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Anjali Singh

Tragedy Drama


Anjali Singh

Tragedy Drama

The Last Breath

The Last Breath

1 min 301 1 min 301

The days are just passing

Like the breeze does

Hollow remains the thoughts with rust

And flies the clouds of hope away

But the trodden mountain strives to sway

A father, a brother, and a little daughter

Swore a fight against the time

Against the odd to heal the chime

To box back the Pandemonium of life 

The hands are joined and the eyes are closed

To wake the lady passing through the distort

Wildflowers bloom easy and the sun sets fast

Down casts the shadow, the moon doesn't last

Thus the day passes like the spring and the autumn does

The winter arrives with the sheet of snow over the window of the lady of rust

Yet no movement arrives, no gesture, no sign

The flowers that bloomed decayed inline

The mother of strength lied on the bed

Tears as rain and no motion held

''Fight up you lady be strong as ever

The little girl sparkled, breaking no never,

Because when you'll rise up you'll see the sky

The birds await you to shine and fly

The drops of rain call you to sing

And dance together bling-o-bling.''

Steps the daughter ahead and near

The beloved mother who lived without fear

The hug was warm, still, warm the bed

She breathes and she breathes

The last breath.

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