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Anjali Singh

Drama Abstract


Anjali Singh

Drama Abstract

I Wish

I Wish

1 min 245 1 min 245

Does the careless breeze know which direction it has to blow? 

Does the reckless River care which path it has to flow?

Does the bird know the melody of the song?

Does the heart in love know what's right and what's wrong? 

I wish the stars could fall and come to the land

And reach that soul and cherish those hands

That falls on the needy and on the deprived

That handles the token of love been arrived.

I wish the moon could shower it's light to that small room

And brighten the walls with spark and bloom

Where the fingers fall on the white dotted sheets 

And the eyes are closed waiting to be healed.

I wish the sky could shatter and scatter on that roof

That witnessed the shed of blood aloof

Where lived the lady with her spouse

Before he perished in that house.

I wish the rain could tear apart

 and shed its drop on every heart

That fought the dreaded deals of time

And lived a life with an echoed smile

I wish the rainbow could splinter and fly

And colour the lands of black and white

Where roams the vagrant to treasure a rag 

And leads a life to be moulded into the sand.

'I wish' is all I can wish for

For my wishes are one's wishes too

For the living will die if not a lived

I wish the death could be lived too.

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