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Mihika Saraf

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Mihika Saraf

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Shame and Society

Shame and Society

2 mins

Says the dictionary that,

Shame is a consequence of the wrong action,

A painful feeling of distress,

But is it really the fault of the woman,

If she wishes to wear a short dress?

She can't walk through the lonely night streets,

Without the fear of sexual abuse in her mind,

Without asking frightfully the question to herself,

'Is the man walking behind me going to steal my dignity tonight?'

Cover your body, save your integrity,

Don't let yourself out at night,

Never complain as your man is superior,

And you're his slave under dusk and daylight.

But she went under the sun to the office,

And completed her work and was returning through the dark, 

Caught her by the hair and pulling her through, inside the shrubs,

As a foul and torturous patriarch.

She was covered fully with clothing,

A decent body and innocent mind,

He troubled and pained her mercilessly,

Till she was petrified, devastated and grimed.

She lay there in a pool of blood and pain,

As midnight crossed by,

She blinked never it felt till morn,

She wore her clothes, almost torn,

And left the lonely shrubs with an agonized cry.

She walked the walk of shame feebly,

As she crossed people whose she turned eyes,

She fell to the ground with weakness,

As shamed as she lay in front of the unhelpful society,

That she wished her demise.

Till she ran away as people watched and laughed,

Picking herself with pain,

She ran and ran to her family who she wished cared,

As blood ran down her legs under the rain.

She rang the doorbell several times,

Till the whole surrounding starred as though she had committed a crime,

Her family, of shame and slander, shut the door on her face,

She asked for help but people ignored her- and acted like the world was mime.

Disheartened and in pain,

With nowhere to show her face,

She had lost her grace,

She stole her breath like the man stole her dignity last night,

And took herself to a better place.

Her life was doomed at fault of the rapist,

As equal was the fault of the society,

Devilish, they grinned at her like she was a slut,

Noticing not she would've been a deity.

A deity would she have been still,

If society, you hadn't dominated rigorously the women,

A deity she would have been still,

If you, society, had controlled your shameless men.

Had they, those men, that society, not pressurized,

She would've been alive today,

If those men, that society, would've acted respectful to women,

Remembering, that some women were also their mother, daughter, and wife.

They could've saved her life,

Given women a better life...

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