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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Seasonal Showers

Seasonal Showers

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You know that

I have always fantasized

About you, me and the rain.

About how we will

Get drenched

Into the rain together.

About how wet Urvi

And wet you will

Dance together

On the sound of the drops

Falling from above.

About how we will share

One umbrella to

Escape from the rain,

Your hand in mine,

Trying to save each other

And being romantic

At the same time.


About how when

I shall start feeling cold

And sneezing,

You will take off your jacket

And cover me inside it.


About how we shall

Have those

Moong daal ke pakode

And fudine ke chutni

Accompanied by

Strong hot coffee

After getting wet.


About how you will

Hold me on

When I see potholes

And my face gets 

All afraid of spoiling

My favorite pair

Of sneakers.

You know today

When these

Seasonal showers hit us,

It reminds me of you,

About all the

Incomplete moments

I still wished could

Happen with you. 

And here I sit

By the window

With my cup of coffee,

Slowly getting lost

Into the smell of the rain

That I love the most,

And the rain getting heavier.

Small drops jump off

From the window

And lay on my face,

As if it were you

Slowly caressing me

After those depressing nights.

I have always enjoyed

This feeling and

Have intentionally opened

The window to feel it.

But today it is different.


It reminded me of you,

Of the incomplete moments with you,

About how every time

We met and I told you

It shall rain

And it did rain

After we got

Back home but

Never when we were together.

It reminded me of the

Shattered dreams

And fantasies about

You and me together.

This time,

I closed the window

And got back to work.

Staying there was like

Going back

To your memories, 

It feels good

When I open the

Box of memories

Of when it started

But as the story goes ahead,

The tears slowly

Start mixing with the raindrops.

This time I finally chose

Smile over tears, 

This time I chose

Me over you. 

This time I finally found

Myself after losing you. 

This time I felt proud of myself.

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