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Sehrish Khan

Drama Romance


Sehrish Khan

Drama Romance

An Annihilated Heart

An Annihilated Heart

2 mins

Can an annihilated heart flourish again,

Ascending from the wreckage?

Why do I feel I'm nothing by myself,

I am, but your appendage?


Astonishing how dependence isn't vulnerability anymore.

Why is it your soul in which my pain I let pour?

I feel my dreams smiling in my eyes

Each time I hear your voice.

My heart would defend this attraction

To my brain but you're stupefyingly also my rational choice.

For this love, I would relinquish eternities.

I believe you when you promise our togetherness and its certainties.

All my life I crumbled, but with you I grow.

There is no rush in this love but there is contentment, I know.

I rethink my childish preferences and how ignorant am I

To just now perceive that you are everything I will ever need?

I beg the forgiveness of fate for the stupidity that I let it wait.

But nothing is perturbed with me today.

I fulfilled my fortune they say.

I was unaware of who I was I'd let people decide it for me.

You made me ascertain I was already everything I ever wanted to be.

You made me acknowledge the beauty through the pain.

Your love never demanded for me to be sane.

I am loved for who I am, the first time in my life.

It feels in my heart like the removal of a knife.

For you, and you alone, are my utter delectation.

So yes, I say, a heart can indeed flourish after annihilation.

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