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Moumita Dutta

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Moumita Dutta

Abstract Romance Inspirational

An Enigma

An Enigma

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She was a moment I could live forever.

She was an angel in flesh and blood.

She was the smile; the laughter of my soul.

She was my mountain, and she was my sea.

She was my caileag; very different from me.

She was my stream, flowing in her own rhythm.

She was a compliment; a blessing to my existence.

She was the Lamb of God; me, the lion of Judah.

She was my peaceful soul; my heart full of content.

She was my eagle; strong enough to cause a hurricane.

She was my wide-open valley; my swaying pine trees.

She was my happy morning; my peaceful night’s sleep.

She was my belief, my faith, my strength, and my sustenance.

She was the best part of my life's story, and me, the buffoon.

She was my supporting soul; my best understanding partner.

A strength she was, in all the chaos.

She was among all the bests.

She was my angel; my guiding light.

She was my day, brightened with shine.

She was my happy feel; my most wanted.

She was my night, jingled with watery notes.

She was my lovely arranger; my wish come true.

She was a mended heart, and me, the tainted soul.

She was my companion; my favourite travel mate.

She was my best cook; my most admired cuisinier.

She was my music; my heart’s most favourite tune.

She was the sunshine, and me, the dimming dusk.

She was my morning tea; my evening amber brew.

She was my most respected; my heart's most honoured.

She was the perfect gift; plighted for me from heaven

She was my escape and my life's biggest catastrophe.

She was my la de oro; my saviour in a brown package

.She was my salvation; the maestro of my soul's melody.

She was my dream of all hours; my best understanding

And, in her, I found an unknown me.

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