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Moumita Dutta

Abstract Action Inspirational


Moumita Dutta

Abstract Action Inspirational

A Psalm of Life

A Psalm of Life

1 min 210 1 min 210

Keep calm; life isn’t an exam

Let it not slam; just enjoy its charm

And allow it to cram.

Life has no set rules

So stay prepared with your chiseled tools

Remember to stay calm, when caught in a storm.

As time lengthens,

The storm will strengthen; your soul

And help you to go, on a roll.

Do not hold a notion

‘Cause that might hurt your emotion

Explore; learn; unlearn. Repeat.

Life will enlighten, and frighten

It will strip and tear, but you mustn’t fear

Simply keep your eyes on the horizon.

You are made of strong elements; not so brittle

Rise and gather your pieces when you fall

Nurture them with warmth; simply stand tall.

Some days, give a little more effort

Some days, enjoy the ease

There will be wildfires within; full of gloom

Simply allow love to bloom.

Life isn’t about perfections, but perseverance

Heal at a different pace; travel your own journey

For, you hold thunder in your heart

And fire in your soul.

Don’t quieten your fire, for it’ll numb you down

You are made to burn; just enjoy the sojourn

And let your spirit tremble with excitement.

Let your soul wander; in wonder.

Rise from the ashes; like a phoenix, soar 

Just fall in love with life, again

Be the beautiful mess.

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