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Shifa Neyaz



Shifa Neyaz


Rendezvous With School

Rendezvous With School

1 min

I entered the building with a mind full of awe

In the classrooms, in the teachers, in the students I could find no flaw

I was just a girl of ten

When the journey of middle school I started

I was as scared as I could be

But I was also brave enough to see

The loving teachers and caring friends I had

Without them I would be so sad

I sat in my seat looking around

But I couldn’t get up as if I was bound

Everybody was talking and chatting

When the teacher came in and started shouting

Well, I thought not all teachers are lovely

But the class became quite effectively

I had three more classes before lunch brake

I had to study maths, science and half an hour of Hindi

Before I could eat my delicious yummy chocolate cake

The second half was the best part of the day

We had two period games in the summer of may

Playing in a skirt was difficult

And I felt that my skin was about to melt

But in the end it was great fun

And to end the day we ate some bun

When I went home I had a surprise

My parents were there and we had burger and fries

To conclude, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be

To this awesome day bravery was the key.

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