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Shifa Neyaz

Children Stories Drama Others


Shifa Neyaz

Children Stories Drama Others

A Normal Day

A Normal Day

2 mins 349 2 mins 349

I walked down the California beach,

The water lapping at my feet;

The sand felt soft between my toes,

Just above the water, the sun rose;

My café just about a kilometer ahead,

Sofia would be there already, I bet,

My shift started at seven,

I would work till ten and attend class at eleven;

Stanford wasn’t far from here,

just about a five-minute walk,

As I entered the café, Sofia hit me with a glare,

And then started to talk;

I had just finished cleaning the tabletops,

When Sofia handed me the mops,

I did not need a break,

Because for me, it was all a piece of cake;

I’d been doing this for the past one year,

But this wasn’t my choice for a career,

I wanted to be a full time writer,

Not just a mere waiter;

Lost in thought as the first customer arrived,

I hadn’t realized,

The time just flew by,

I pulled off my apron with a sigh;

I left in a hurry as I couldn’t be late,

My English honors teacher I couldn’t help but hate,

Don’t get me wrong, she hated me too,

But English was the subject I was most into,

 So I thought, ‘oh well! What could she possibly do?’;

But stupid me couldn’t be more wrong,

She asked me to write a whole story in a song,

So, here I am writing this poem,

And am gonna prove myself to all of them;

After seeing my work the teacher said,

You are not as bad as you appear to be,

You may just succeed in life ahead,

And all I could do was agree. 

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