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Drama Tragedy Others



Drama Tragedy Others

No Treatment or Vaccine

No Treatment or Vaccine

1 min

It all began when the virus first made its appearance,

 Rich or poor it meant nothing for the virus,

It went after everyone who came in its way,

It knew not the difference or the disparity.

It was an intruder and as intruders go;

Its agenda was enter wherever possible,

Whenever there is an opening or a way,

For It feeds on the bodies of human beings,

Where is the question of rich or poor, then,

The rich quarantined themselves at home.

The migrants started their marathon walk.

The virus made its presence felt in both


The rich admitted themselves to private


The poor isolated themselves in their


The poor paid nothing but spread to others their virus,

The rich went home in a happy frame of mind,

Free from viruses or so they thought.

The poor were boycotted by their community for carrying the virus.

Death stalked the virus following wherever it went.

The rich thought they are safe from virus,

The poor thought they are not safe,

For the virus, it made no difference,

 It intruded into their bodies, it's home.

 In an insidious encounter, it attacked,

With death following all the way,

 Rich and poor, both passed away, 

 Unrecognized in death, now body bags,

With tags to their bodies of their names.

There is no treatment, no vaccine,

The poor did not know,the Rich knew.

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