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News To Me

News To Me

4 mins

Spend your day expressed by grace ordered from a Payton place

Cheer each moment from the edge of the setting sun a very well done

Climb each pillar of thought and deed to reach forth every bit of need

Transformation to be a king set forth to a freedom ring set ahead,

Drop in a set daily routine an angelic song can't we all get along

Building bridges enhanced to swing in the parlor from freedom swing

Come close to me with honor a captured melancholy grin people sing

Out of order but we continue to sing sent transformed for everything

Balls on the porch let us stand firm and rejoice to decorate a New York smile

The moments of tender muse set sail on its own for people to come on home

A balance for power there's balls on the wall standing ten feet tall

Recapture the falling song can't we get along abused by power such as the fawn

News to me to be set free falling headlong as in a coaster sent right over

The taste of Manicotti especially for you the cause to brew as voiced renewed

Application to a frustration moved by education falling creatures made to shine

Captured by the edge of the vine together so fine rob you blind you see

Balls to the wall stand ten feet tall the rooster flows it's in what you know

A harvest new each casket new feeling ever so dear all draw near

With fallen drops as in airforce one become undone having a bit of fun

Stranger to your ever glow take you to places you need to go transformed new

A quiet street my balls fall deep stand still & repeat

Feature creature stands tall to meet her tender rooster

Shine down upon me in its billow sanction well received in

Long are the long ago chimes very good in store a cry for more

Balls to the wall in a turning touch in a rush such flattery of make believe

Salute you see the back door cling noticed from everything people sing

Pillars of thought balls to the wall & everything

Looking out in the lawn you graciously see a fawn

Braced from the new unction of seaweed twisted between your knees

Cry a river in order to discover hurry up & take cover

Sure fire wy in order to display everything's o.k.

Cry me a river stand still & deliver

Chased through your dreams there is balls to the wall from every purpose

Shine on the simple study through the song shattered through the breeze

Can't we get along feathers with the swan captured in my imagination

There's never hungry like a rooster in your imagination

Capture each smile to know all the great while

Apples in carriage everything delivered

Tried and true everything blue

Sad but innocent to the drawers

Paint a picture news tide to recapture the falling blues

Shake dreams from your hair my pretty child

Lay hold of its rest in every test,

Savor the moment you cling to find

Balls to the wall stand ten feet tall

Through a brisk walk on the beach far out of reach

There's silence in the fold repaired until

Passengers through blatant Henry lines

Share with each other a heavenly climb

There are places you need to go with the flow,

Seek the heavenly course in care with most

Share in the right shun what's wrong

The rid is forth there's one ball too short

Balls to the wall shine upon the strong earth

Peach ice cream and everything short

Got my balls to the wall

Send forth the workers send proud the flame

Not to mention in the mentally insane

Proud as silver gold as shine

List of insurance so very fine

The wind blowing

Have you ever remember when you were down to the lowest pit no one gives a

Order of disorder come close to know ya

In the curtains, we shall enjoy you,

After the mall through dull in the path

As in all goodness past

Through chosen vessels

Stay true to discover

Rewind the television something is worth missing

We all must come together no matter what the weather,

Train up a child you must keep it in order

Show forth in your glory

Stay with the fold listening to the door

Paint a picture with a smile

Still to know all the great while

Bridge the gap in between

Share with each other another page of the order

Balls against the wall stand up ten feet tall

It's in you don't you see working on a melancholy

Like the words to hear its order

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