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Hetvi Soni

Abstract Drama Others


Hetvi Soni

Abstract Drama Others

Cherry Blossoms In Us

Cherry Blossoms In Us

2 mins 179 2 mins 179

I was walking when things froze,

I was shocked when the memories rose,

I was stunned to my surroundings freeze,

But time didn't release 

I stood there wondering,

Seeing the mid-air frozen swing,

Thinking what's happening in the middle of spring,

Awaiting what will this bring 

Was is it danger or peace,

Was it regret that ceased,

Is the threat fun,

Or was I supposed to run

Right then something fell on hand,

Adding beauty to blue band,

It was pastel pink that fell,

A flower i knew very well

Right then the strong winds hit,

Bringing the cherry blossoms with it,

It was a gorgeous storm,

Bringing feelings warm

It came with a letter along,

Proving me wrong,

It was a threat indeed,

offering me a chance to change a deed

In exchange for a price to be paid,

Which was to forget the moments eight,

Of love, care, courage and affection,

Of empathy, sadness, happiness and excitement

I made my choice,

And raised my voice,

I yelled and told the storm 

To come my way and then begone

Gone to the sea,

For here there is no need,

To change the past,

I walked fast

I wanted to start afresh,

With cherry blossoms and cold water,

To cleanse and restart,

To let the hurtful things fall,

And beauty grow again

For when the time released,

I realized,

All of us are cherry blossoms in our own lives,

Waiting for the old leaves to fall and start again,

For we all have a wild storm,

And a calm sea inside us,

For we all have a need,

And a want,

For we all have craziness 

And intelligence inside us 

While some of us move,

Some of us are stuck,

But we are just cherry blossoms,

Waiting for a chance to bloom again 

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