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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Hetvi Soni

Abstract Drama Others


Hetvi Soni

Abstract Drama Others



2 mins 81 2 mins 81

It's always different from what we see,

It's always more devastating than what it feels,

It's always more hurtful than what we hear,

It's always more cruel than what we say

And it always more painful than pain

I thought it was sunshine and rainbows,

Till it started pouring,

I thought the sky was peaceful as ever,

Till the lightening struck,

I thought the waters were calm, 

Till the tide rose high

And something was always thought till, 

The 'Till' came in

It was a fairy tale, 

But the clock struck twelve, 

And with the time,

The clock of happiness and joy struck twelve,

As they changed to sadness and anxiety. 

The carriage of love, 

Reversed to pumpkins of hurt,

The once gorgeous dress,

Now turned into a million torn and tattered memories, 

But it was fairy tale till the clock struck twelve

It was all black and white,

Then it all turned grey,

It was all love and hate,

Now it's just neutral, 

It was all good and bad,

Just and unjust,

Fair and unfair,

Dark and light,

Hope and despair,

Sadness and happiness,

Excitement and anxiety,

It has always been something AND something,

When it could have been just ONEthing


And as simple as it sounds,

It's never simple,

As complex as it sounds,

It's never difficult,

Just as timed as it sounds,

It's never on the right time,


We all want to be understood,


We never understand 

We understand it when,

Pain is more than painful,

When hurt doesn't hurt anymore,

When expectations die,

And when we don't even regret it anymore,

Because we realize that somethings were just meant,

To be they way they were,

Incomplete yet complete,

Ugly yet beautiful, 

Deep yet shallow,

Connected yet disconnected,

And together but apart. 

But it still painful more than pain. 

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