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Drama Inspirational Others

Dear Men

Dear Men

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Dear men,

Do you remember when the first time on a bicycle, you were trying to ride?

And you fell, got injured and started crying because it was the pain you couldn’t hide.

So someone picked you up and scolded that men don’t weep,

No matter what the situation is, the tears inside you have to keep!

So that boy wiped up his eyes and tried to be strong as much as he could be,

But your pillow which is wet every day, can’t they see?

Do you remember the time when you were playing with some dolls?

So someone forced you to go outside to play cricket or football.

Or the time when you wore that pink shirt on your birthday?

So your friends mocked you as they thought feminine colours take masculinity away.

In that mockery and discrimination, your choices were ransacked,

But why do they ask now that you wear only white and black?

Do you remember the first time you said someone that you feel alone?

You feel like happiness is getting lost and you are sliding into depression zone!

So they ignored you saying you should be strong as men can’t be weak,

Don’t cry and be tough as damsels only want those who have macho physique!

And then you cried in the corners as telling someone you couldn’t dare,

But why they question your suicide and why your problems you didn’t share?

Speak out! Speak out before the world is short of dry pillows,

Before someone else is forcefully handed a blade of willows!

The suicide rates of men were always higher than that of women,

As society makes us machines of earning, dehumanising us each second!

We can only win the war with patriarchy if every gender comes together,

As equality is the only way to get out and it will be forever!

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