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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Mamta Mahapatra

Abstract Drama


Mamta Mahapatra

Abstract Drama

Gasping for Breath

Gasping for Breath

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

Until last year, I inhaled fresh air morn and eve;

Now my nostrils are permanently wrapped 

By a double layered impenetrable mask .

A lethal virus has strangely and stealthily;

Pervaded our atmosphere and surroundings.

Systematically eviscerating our vital organs;

Attacking mercilessly our respiratory tracts;

And leaving us gasping for breath.

Our Good Green Earth is violated 

Human lives afflicted by Corona virus.

Like a voracious hunter , preying on

Unmindful and vulnerable souls ;

As if on a mission to choke our throats.

It acts like a stalker, lying in ambush;

Waiting for unheeded walkers outside.

Such a potential threat of onslaught 

Has pushed us inside our doors indefinitely.

We loathe the monstrosity of this killer virus 

It's ruthless and unsparing— 

Young adults and children too in it's grip.

Scientists and researchers mentally huddle;

Trying to cast a net to trap this one;

And tame it to cause less havoc.

Those jabs invented working as a carapace;

Only to equip our bodies to battle it out.

A pall of gloom has shrouded our beautiful lives;

Our tenacious spirit is dourly failing us.

Overwrought fear and pessimistic attitude;

Has creeped in our everyday existence;

Making us ghost walkers in our own homes.

It is torturously affecting our mental health;

Making us quieter, psychic and lonesome.

Pandemic has stolen people's job—love— happiness— peace.

We want to meander and move freely ;

Meet real people and have face to face talks;

Then who wants to meet a similar fate;

Like of a fish being pulled out of water —

It flops, writhes, wriggles and pounds.

This overwhelming and distressing health situation;

Has even made our stern doctors weep and plead.

However recondite and complex it resonates now ;

Our world soon needs to get rid of this deadly virus.

Let us now fall into a rabbit hole

Build our own space free of virus .

Dream of a time when we can 

Breathe liberally and luxuriantly;

Enjoy cool wind blowing on our faces;

Greeting people with a warm bear hug;

Old bones can have sunny walk in the garden;

Children can play around jumping joyously;

Workers can laboriously earn their livelihood;

And young lovers can seal their love with a kiss.

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