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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Marzia Fatma



Marzia Fatma


Something With The Clouds

Something With The Clouds

1 min

The morning so beautiful,

The flowers so fruitful

Bluish green mountains

Full of Green fountains

Something with the clouds today

They never be so sad any day

They literally feel so low today

They truly feel to be blue today

They're overcrowding the mountains

They are coming and going in chains

They've covered even the towers

All I can see is beautiful flowers

In the garden which I see

While I write

The scenic beauty 

While the sun shines again bright

They are hovering sunshine's passage

They are maybe passing a message

To the ones they truly miss

The ones who gave them great bliss

Ranges far in gray

Only one huge shining, not far away

Something with the clouds makes them wanna stay

Maybe with me while I write and down I lay 

I say not with a sigh

To succeed and win, I'll always try

Neither the clouds nor I

Will never stop even if we have tears in each eye

The sunshine's a bit tired today

It is coming later and going far away

And then it returns sometimes after

To bring many faces, a lot of laughter

Huge masses of calcium and protein

It's us the humans, always keen

To know what's everything around us

To know whatever and why something bounds us...

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